What Drivers Need to Know About License Points

License Points and Auto Insurance

The California DMV uses a point system that’s used to rate driving records. Every driver begins with a clean driving record after obtaining a license, but violations can result in earning license points. It’s important to understand how California’s point system works to not only keep your license but also keep your San Diego auto insurance rates as low as possible.

How the Point System Works

Accidents and tickets are assigned points, with each incident having an assigned point value. You may get 1-2 points for a ticket, or 1 point for an accident. As an example, getting a ticket for running a red light in Downtown San Diego will place one point on your driving record. A conviction for driving on a suspending license will put two points on your record.

The DMV keeps a record of your traffic accidents and convictions, and this record is public information. You will be notified when points are added to your driving record, and with a warning letter when you accumulate half the number of points necessary to have your license revoked or suspended.

Getting a Suspended License

Acquiring too many points puts you at risk of losing your driver’s license. The DMV can suspend or revoke driving privileges when a driver accumulates a specific amount of points on a period of time. Your license may be revoked or suspended if you get: 4 points within 12 months, 6 points within 24 months, or 8 points within 36 months.

License Points and Auto Insurance

As your driving history indicates your future driving behavior, your record is a major factor in how your San Diego car insurance premiums are calculated. The more points you have, the riskier your driving and the more likely you are to lose your license, which classifies you as a high risk to the car insurance agency.

The good news is you can avoid points on your record by driving safely and abiding by the law. You may also have the opportunity to attend defensive driving courses to avoid points on your record after getting a ticket. For more information about saving money on your car insurance despite past tickets and points, call (619) 352-0326 and request a free consultation or get an online auto insurance quote now. American Tri-Star Insurance is a trusted provider of auto insurance and is recognized throughout San Diego County for our great, low rates!