Can Living Near the Ocean Affect Your Car?

The Affects on a Car For Living Near the Ocean in San Diego, CA

If you live near the ocean and own a car, there are special considerations for maintaining your vehicle. It’s worth nothing most San Diego auto insurance policies won’t cover general wear and tear. When living near the ocean, understanding the potential damage and protecting your car is up to you.

Rust Damage

Body rust is the first problem most will think of when considering the ocean’s effects on their cars. Although salty sea air can contribute to oxidation, its effects are generally minor. Calcium chloride, the salt found on roads in the winter, is more corrosive and more damaging than sea air. Even in seaside locations, rust will take about five years to show on an unmaintained car.

Paint Damage

Current body paints are of a higher quality than those of yesteryear and should stand up better to salty air. However, salty air isn’t the only enemy of a gleaming, lustrous paint job. Prolonged, direct sunlight can also cause damage. Since San Diego gets a lot of sun year-round, this can impact local car owners even if they don’t live very close to the ocean.

Internal Damage

Salty air is a threat to your car’s internal components. It can sit inside the engine if the car is run infrequently, leading to oxidation of important components like camshafts and cylinders. The salty moisture can also affect brakes. Cars operated near the ocean will benefit from more frequent internal inspections.

Sand Damage

There are few things worse for a car than driving directly on sand. Those living near the sea may want to take their cars for a spin on the beach, but the fine particles kicked up will wreak havoc on the car’s underbody. Sand can erode the underbody’s protective coating, further exposing the metal to oxidation. Thankfully, San Diego’s beaches do not allow unauthorized vehicles on the sand. However, the parking lots are often located close to the beach, but this indirect contact with sand may have little to no impact.

Though insurance will likely not cover most of your car’s issues caused by living near the ocean, it’s important to have the right coverage in case of loss or damage due to an accident. For affordable San Diego auto insurance quotes, call American Tri-Star today at 619-272-2100. One of our friendly representatives would be happy to assist you.