Will Your Home Insurance Policy Cover Accidents on Your Property?

Homeowners Insurance in San Diego County

Out of the many things that frighten homeowners and keep them up at night, one of the more common incidents many neglect to worry about is the possibility of an accident occurring on their property. If you’re wondering if your home insurance policy covers situations such as these, the information below breaks it down for you.

All Homeowners Policies Are Different

It is important to understand what type of policy you have before you file a claim. Most San Diego home insurance policies offer coverage for injuries sustained in your home or on your property. The specific amount and type of payment offered will depend on your policy.

Medical Payment Coverage

Sometimes called “med pay” in insurance-speak, this type of coverage pays for the medical bills of a person injured in your home or on your property whether or not anyone is determined to be at fault. You choose the amount of coverage you want when you set up your policy. The typical amount for a medical payment is between $5,000 and $10,000.

Liability Coverage

This type of payment is only made when it is determined you, as the homeowner, are negligent in some way. If the injured person chooses to pursue this type of payment, your insurance agency will do a thorough investigation of the situation, conducting interviews with the involved parties, examining the sight of the accident, and taking photographs. If it is determined you were negligent, the insurance provider will offer a settlement to the injured party or parties. The amount of this payment can vary, depending on the amount of liability insurance you chose when you set up your policy. The most common payout option is $100,000, but you may be able to raise or lower that amount as you see fit.

Some Situations Are Not Covered

Your homeowners insurance will not pay any amount if the injury was deliberate on your part. If you assault someone on your property, his or her injuries will not be covered. The same goes for self-inflicted injuries sustained on your property.

Every homeowners insurance policy is different, and it’s crucial to know what is and is not covered on yours. Get in touch with American Tri-Star today to see if you are carrying the type of policy you need to keep your investment properly protected. In addition to home insurance, we are also a leading provider of commercial, health, motorcycle, and car insurance in San Diego. Call 619-272-2100 today to learn more and receive a free quote.