Does Your Business Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Understanding Car Insurance Policy in San Diego, CA

Whether or not your vehicle needs commercial insurance can sometimes be difficult to determine, but criteria exists to help clarify this situation. Take a look at the answers to these common questions regarding the need for commercial auto insurance.

Who Owns the Vehicles?

If your car is titled in the name of your business, commercial car insurance in San Diego is a must. Whether your business bought the car outright or is leasing it, if the agency’s name is involved, the car should be commercially insured.

Who Drives the Vehicles?

When employees use agency vehicles to travel to job sites or meetings, you should have commercial insurance for them. Doing so provides coverage no matter which employee drives and is much easier than listing individual drivers on the insurance policy. You also need commercial insurance if you plan on renting the car to others.

Who Ridesin the Vehicles?

Commercial insurance is important if you use agency vehicles to transport customers and clients. Whether you are providing airport shuttle service or using the car as a taxi, putting customers in the car necessitates commercial coverage.

What Is in the Vehicles?

If items crucial to your business will be carried in the vehicle, opt for a San Diego business insurance policy. From auto parts to zipper pulls, if you are transporting goods or supplies, you need commercial coverage. Installing special equipment in or on the vehicle such as snowplows, bakery shelves, ladder racks or hydraulic lifts also creates a need for commercial insurance.

How Big Are the Vehicles?

Trucks, vans, and other vehicles with a load capacity of more than 2,000 pounds generally require commercial insurance. This is also true if the vehicle itself weighs more than 10,000 pounds.

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