How Distracted Driving Can Raise Your Insurance Rates

Distracted Driving Insurance Costs

The laws about driving while distracted are clear. If you have a phone in one hand, expect to have a ticket in the other. California lawmakers, in conjunction with the Governor and Senate have enacted laws that make it illegal to drive while distracted. If you are caught talking on your cell phone, texting, or “just holding” your phone, you can face fines that will have a lasting effect on your driving record and insurance rates.

How Distracted Driving Can Cost You

The fines for driving while distracted are relatively small, but once you factor in court costs, loss of time from work and increased insurance costs, you could be looking at hundreds of dollars in fines and thousands of dollars in added costs down the line.

When you are charged with a distracted driving offense, the Department of Motor Vehicles also automatically notifies your insurer, who will in turn raise your insurance rates. These rate hikes can hurt your budget long-term and may be much more than the auto insurance quote you were first provided with. You may have to take defensive driving courses or other classes in order to enjoy low rates again.

Why is Distracted Driving a Problem

If it seems as though lawmakers are treating distracted driving as a serious offense, it is because it is. Texting while driving has been the cause of many fatal accidents, and many experts say that it is as dangerous as drinking and driving. When you attempt to make or receive a phone call or send or read a text, you take your eyes off of the road for up to five seconds. To put that into perspective, if you were driving 55 mph, you could travel a length of an entire football field while looking at your phone.

Giving Drivers a Second Chance

Lawmakers and insurers have spoken. Keep your eyes on the road while driving. However, if you have already received a distracted driving ticket recently and have experienced a rise in your insurance costs, learn more about affordable San Diego car insurance from American Tri-Star.

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