Distracted Driving Continues to Cause Problems for Officials

Distracted Driving Continues to be a Problem in San Diego, CA

Distracted driving is a growing problem in the United States. Where problems were limited to fatigue and disorientation in the past, officials must now contend with cell phone usage as potential hazards to road safety. Auto insurance statistics and nationwide officials reported that distracted driving results in more than 10,000 deaths annually and an estimated 176,000 injuries.

The most recent distraction on the road is potentially the most lethal: texting while driving. As a provider of affordable auto insurance in San Diego, we want to spread awareness of this problem for both new teenage drivers and veterans who have been on the road for years. Texting requires the driver to avert their eyes from the road and take their hands from the steering wheel. During that time, someone may have stepped into the street, a car might have suddenly stopped in front of the driver, or they may have veered into oncoming traffic. Distracted, you increase your chance for an accident. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, you’re putting the safety of others in jeopardy as well.

Although texting while driving is currently one of the most publicized ways in which drivers can compromise the safety of others on the road, driving while eating, holding a phone, putting on makeup, and reading are unsafe, limiting mobility and taking away attention from the task at hand. And even if you are a responsible driver, it is important to be aware that others may not. Always be ready for poor decisions made by other drivers and protect yourself by making sure you have registered for automobile insurance in San Diego.

In addition to personally making the commitment to drive safely, car manufacturers are looking for ways to improve vehicles. Currently, many major manufacturers are experimenting with ways to alert people of potentially dangerous situations, such as lane changes. The technology isn’t available yet, but it is actively being investigated and hopes to be a helpful aid in preventing accidents and saving lives.

Stay safe on the road and do everything you can to avoid compromising activities such as texting while driving. To learn more about how to protect yourself on the road, contact American TriStar today. In addition to affordable auto insurance we offer San Diego insurance for motorcyclists and homeowners. Interested? Get a free, instant quote by calling 619-272-2100.