4 Things That Can Disqualify You from Getting Commercial Insurance

Tips To Avoid Insurance Disqualification in San Diego, CA

If you are a small business owner in San Diego, obtaining commercial insurance will often be a requirement for your agency to operate. You may need coverage to obtain certain permits and licenses, and you do not want to run the risk of doing business without adequate policies to protect you. However, there are some factors that could disqualify you from getting coverage. Here are 4 you should be aware of.

1. Insurance Fraud Record

Not only is insurance fraud illegal, it can also be a major obstacle in your way if you’re attempting to secure commercial insurance in Chula Vista. If you were involved in an insurance claim that was handled as an arson case and denied under suspicion of fraud, you might find it difficult to find an insurer who will extend coverage to your business ventures.

2. Previous Bankruptcies

Prior to the passing of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, many individuals used to submit Chapter 7 filings on an almost regular basis. If you have a string of bankruptcies in your record, or if you still are still trying to recover from a Chapter 13 filing, you may not be able to obtain commercial insurance.

3. Dangerous Practices

Some CEOS engage in risky behavior during agency time. For instance, if you are a mountaineer who takes clients on climbing excursions to the Sierra Nevada, you may have to seek the assistance of a specialty insurance broker.

4. Serial Claimant Record

If you have a record of filing insurance claims that were determined to be spurious and frivolous, you may be charged high premiums or you may be denied coverage altogether. This potential disqualification may emanate from bogus claims submitted on lines of health, auto, or property insurance in Chula Vista.

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