What Disqualifies a Driver from Getting Car Insurance?

Reasons To Get Deny On Insurance in San Diego, CA

There are many different reasons a person might be disqualified from getting Chula Vista cheap auto insurance. Some are rectifiable, while others are trickier to correct. These are some of the most common reasons you might be denied insurance.

Bad Driving Record

Though there is no industry standard as to what type of record will cause an insurance agency to judge a driver as too risky to insure, generally a combination of excessive traffic tickets and serious infractions such as a DUI can make you uninsurable. The remedy for this situation is to first and foremost avoid getting any further tickets or other strikes against your driver’s license. Taking driving classes or other related courses could also help the points balance on your license. These actions demonstrate to Chula Vista car insurance agencies that you are being proactive in repairing your driving record. Aside from taking these measures, the only other recourse is waiting it out until enough time has elapsed since the last mark on your driving history.

Lying on an Application

Providing false information during the application process has a simple remedy: offer the correct information instead. Insurance agencies, especially auto insurers, are very thorough in researching their prospective customers and are very good at finding out the truth. Lying to them is rarely going to lead to anything aside from getting denied coverage.

Too Many Fraudulent Insurance Claims

If you have a history of multiple fraudulent claims, this will probably make you uninsurable in perpetuity. Insurance fraud, unlike healthcare fraud or other types of fraud, do not fall under federal law. The severity of consequences can vary, which in turn affects the exact degree to which you can or cannot procure auto insurance.

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