What Disasters Are Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Insurance Coverage for Natural Disasters in San Diego, CA

Natural disasters make the news because of the extensive damage they can cause. While standard homeowners insurance policies cover a wide range of potential calamities, some natural disasters are not covered. The insurance experts at Tri-Star Insurance are here to let you know what it takes to ensure you have sufficient coverage.


Water damage is categorized by cause. While a policy may cover damage resulting from broken plumbing, it most likely will not cover the repair costs associated with a flooded lake, rising river, or coastal surge. Homeowners living in designated flood zones can purchase a special policy backed by the federal government and issued by the National Flood Insurance Program.


Your insurance policy may exclude the wind, water, and coastal storm surge damages that were the direct result of a hurricane. People residing in hurricane prone areas such as along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts can purchase an additional policy rider that specifically covers hurricane damage.


If you live in California or along another earthquake fault line, you may also need special coverage. When determining the cost of a supplemental earthquake indemnity rider, San Diego homeowners insurance agencies look at a few different factors. In addition to the home’s location, insurers evaluate the materials used for the construction as well as the methods with which a home was built.

Sinkholes and Landslides 

Earthquakes are not the only reason why the earth moves under your feet. Sinkholes and landslides generally require special coverage. You can purchase a sinkhole collapse endorsement to your standard policy. If these calamities are prevalent in your area, it is important you review your policy to determine if you have adequate coverage.

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