Important Details About Child Car Seats

Important Details of Child Car Seats in San Diego, CA

Car seat safety is something no parent should skimp on for their child. It is critical that children are seated in the proper car seat for their height and weight and that the seat is installed correctly in the vehicle. Cheap San Diego car insurance experts want to share everything you need to know about child car seat safety.

Rear-Facing Seats

Children under the age of two should remain in a rear-facing car seat until they reach the height and weight requirements to face forward. Parents should ideally rear-face children for as long as possible. The rear-facing position spreads the impact of the accident through the body instead of strictly to the head and neck. states that only 4 percent of crashes come from the rear of the vehicle, while 70 percent come from the front. Your child’s car seat should be replaced if you are in an accident, which your San Diego car insurance agency can assist you with. Depending on your policy, you will either receive the cash value of the seat or its depreciated value. Each agency varies.

Forward-Facing Seats

Children who have outgrown the limits for rear-facing should ride in an approved forward-facing seat with a tether strap. Many seats transition from rear to forward-facing or forward-facing to a booster when your child is ready. Ideally, children should remain in this type of seat until they reach 60 pounds or outgrow the height limit for the seat. The next transition is to a belt-positioning booster seat.


Install the car seat the correct way to ensure it is effective at protecting your child. You can use either the seat belt or the lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH) system if your vehicle offers it, but not both at the same time.

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