What is Covered California?

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Covered California is California’s health insurance marketplace. This insurance exchange was created to implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the state and help families, individuals, and small businesses access affordable health insurance. In 2014, over 1.3 million people in California purchased health insurance through the exchange, and many more discovered they qualified for low-cost or free coverage through the Medi-Cal program. Today, Covered California has more than 10 participating insurance agencies that help individuals and families sign up for quality health insurance.

Enrolling in a Covered California Plan

The Covered California marketplace has an open enrollment period every year, which runs from fall through February. You can still enroll in a health insurance plan outside of this period if you have a life-changing event like moving to the state, getting married, or having a child. Covered California can also be used to enroll in Medi-Cal year-round.

The Covered California website can be used to search for and compare health insurance plans and enroll online. You also have the option of enrolling over the phone or in person at an event or storefront.

How to Use Covered California

You can start the process of finding health insurance by enrolling in Covered California. After creating an account, you can complete a short questionnaire that helps determine if you qualify for insurance discounts or special programs. From there, you can preview plans you qualify for and see if you qualify for Medi-Cal or a tax credit, depending on your income and family size.

Once you find the plan that fits your needs, you can sign up through the Covered California website. You will receive your bill from your health insurance agency within two weeks. After signing up, you will pay your health insurance agency, not Covered California, to keep your new health insurance plan.

For San Diego Residents

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