The Most Popular Car Insurance Pricing Myths

The Most Common Car Insurance Pricing Myths in San Diego, CA

American Tri-Star is a trusted San Diego car insurance agency that offers comprehensive auto insurance coverage at low rates. We understand that shopping around for car insurance can be time consuming, costly and expensive, and offer easy to understand insurance policies at affordable prices. If you are confused and unsure of how premiums and monthly rates are determined, feel free to contact us for an instant quote and read the following list that debunks some of the most popular car insurance pricing myths.

  • Red cars cost more to insure.

    The color of your car is not a factor in determining car insurance rates. Information about your car that does determine insurance rates include the year, make, model and engine size.

  • My insurance rates will go down when I turn 25.

    While it is true that auto insurance rates generally tend to go down when you turn twenty five, changes in any other insurance factors, such as the age of your car, could lead to a lower, higher or same auto insurance rate at 25.

  • One speeding ticket will make my insurance rates skyrocket.

    Most car insurance agencies increase rates after you have received two speeding tickets. If you receive a speeding ticket, your car insurance agency will look at your age, how long you have been driving and how fast you were going to determine whether you rates need to be increased or if they can remain the same.

  • I only need the lowest amount of car insurance.

    Many people feel they only need the minimum amount for auto insurance in San Diego. Unfortunately, if you are responsible for an accident and taken to court and your minimum insurance does not cover the damages, the other party can come after your personal assets to settle the case.

  • My car insurance will cost more if I smoke.

    Smoking has no influence on your car insurance rates. If you pay significantly more or less for car insurance than a friend or co-worker who doesn’t smoke, it is likely due to other factors such as type of car and driving history.

If you would like a free, San Diego auto insurance quote, please contact American Tri-Star insurance at 619-272-2100. We offer great low prices to drivers throughout all of San Diego and will provide the lowest rates possible even if you have gotten into an accident, have a DUI or have a foreign license.