Read the Fine Print: Common Exclusions in Auto Insurance Policies

Importance of Reading the Fine Print in San Diego, CA

When purchasing auto insurance, you receive a full manual outlining everything that is and isn’t covered by your policy. Though many drivers are familiar with things like collision and bodily injury coverage, they might be less inclined to read the fine print and learn about some of the exclusions in their policies. Exclusions include items, people, or events that are not covered on a particular auto insurance policy. The staff at American Tri-Star discusses a few of the most common exclusions you might come across.


This exclusion would not cover bodily injury if you are carrying materials or other passengers for compensation, such as with a taxi or delivery service. If you use your vehicle for business purposes, you need to purchase a Chula Vista commercial auto insurance policy for an additional fee.

Misuse of Your Vehicle

Similar to voiding a warranty on an item you purchase, you are free to operate your vehicle how you wish. However, there are limitations to the protection Chula Vista car insurance offers. For instance, a basic auto insurance policy would not cover damages if you caused intentional harm to your vehicle, such as using it for drag racing, using it as a weapon to hit something or someone, or if you set it on fire intentionally.

Severe Weather Events

Earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters are not covered by auto insurance and are considered exclusions. Acts of nature are typically only covered under certain types of comprehensive insurance, which can be purchased separately. Comprehensive insurance essentially covers you for anything other than an accident caused by another vehicle.

Certain Vehicles

Vehicles like motorcycles are not covered under auto insurance policies. You would need to purchase a special Chula Vista motorcycle insurance policy instead. In addition, attachments like trailers are often only partially covered by auto insurance. Typically, you can purchase liability coverage for a trailer if it is properly connected to the towing vehicle, but you will have to purchase a separate policy for your trailer to cover damages in the event of an accident.

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