Costly Auto Insurance Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Finding cheap Chula Vista car insurance can be challenging, but it’s not impossible if you make some sound decisions. To help stretch your budget even further, avoid these common costly auto insurance errors.

Having Bad Credit

Most people are aware low credit scores can raise interest rates for loans, but many don’t realize they can also drive up the cost of Chula Vista auto insurance. Research by personal finance site shows people with lower than average credit scores pay up to 18 percent more for car insurance premiums than those with good credit. Some insurance agencies argue people with poor credit are more likely to file claims, thus costing the agency more. If it is within your power to raise your credit score, you may be able to save on car insurance.

Not Researching Discounts

When shopping for a policy, it pays to be aware of the various discounts available. Insurance agencies often offer lower rates for factors like good grades, alumni association memberships, and employment with partner agencies. You can also get more affordable rates if you don’t drive very often, have protective equipment like airbags in your car, or have more than one policy with the same agency.

Sticking with the Same Policy

With car insurance, it pays to shop around. Each year, speak with your insurance agency and get a few quotes from other agencies to make sure you’re still getting the lowest rates. This is especially true if your driving record has improved or if you’ve recently made a claim to your current agency.

Choosing a Low Deductible

No one wants to have to pay $1,000 or more to access their auto insurance benefits in the event of a collision. However, choosing a policy with a higher deductible can save you money on your monthly premiums. Put the extra savings away in an account designated for emergencies so you’ll be able to pay the deductible if necessary.

After doing some research, you’re likely to find American Tri-Star has some of the most affordable car insurance rates around. Get in touch with us and we can help you determine what type of policy would best suit your needs. If you’d like a free quote on auto insurance, RV insurance, or cheap Chula Vista motorcycle insurance, give us a call today at 619-827-0522. One of our knowledgeable agents would be happy to assist you.