4 Commercial Insurance Liabilities to Consider for Black Friday

Considering the Types of Commercial Insurance Liabilities for Black Friday in San Diego, CA

As the craziest shopping day of the year, Black Friday demands extra planning from businesses, which means holding meetings with retail staff, eliminating risks, and practicing reactions to certain scenarios. It is important to remember this shopping day has become an American tradition, and there’s no excuse to be unfamiliar with the related hazards that can affect certain liabilities related to your commercial insurance in National City.

1. Parking Lot Safety

It’s important to take premise liability into consideration. If liability extends to the parking lot and the exterior sidewalks, it would be a good idea to post employees outside during Black Friday to ensure walking paths are free of hazards. This precaution particularly applies to situations where shoppers are expected to wait in line before the store opens.

2. Slip-and-Fall Accidents

This classic liability tends to be more pronounced on Black Friday and is one of the top reasons businesses opt for National City liability and property insurance. Store owners and managers are responsible for keeping the aisles clean and free from liquid substances that can result in slippery floors. It is also wise to review the procedures explaining how staff should react in case a shopper loses his or her balance.

3. Employee Safety

Black Friday planning isn’t limited to the safety of shoppers. Customers can become angry if they aren’t able to get the item they were hoping for, which means the safety of store employees should also be augmented on this busy shopping day. If the store does not keep professional security on staff, it may be a good idea to hire guards from Thanksgiving until after Cyber Monday.

4. Crowd Control

Stores that plan to hold outrageous sales should have contingency plans in place prior to opening their doors on Black Friday. One way to prevent stampedes toward hot ticket items is to offer vouchers that can be exchanged for the physical items.

Even though Black Friday is arguably the most important day of the year for your business to be thoroughly covered, it’s crucial to maintain this level of coverage all year long. Get in touch with American Tri-Star to learn about the options to protect you against various liabilities. In addition to commercial insurance, we also offer affordable homeowners, health, motorcycle, and car insurance in National City. Call one of our friendly agents today at 619-474-3900 for a free quote.