Frequently Asked Questions About College Student Health Insurance

Student Insurance in San Diego, CA

When children head off to college, they are likely concerned with the educational aspects, but they are probably concerned with the financial aspects as well. Health insurance is an area where many college students and their families have several questions. The Vista health insurance experts at American Tri-Star share the answers to a few of these crucial questions.

Are Students Automatically Enrolled in a Health Insurance Plan?

There are some colleges that offer an automatic health plan for students who live on the campus. The plans usually cover illnesses and injuries while the student is at the school. If the student leaves the campus for holidays or special events with the family, the coverage might not be in effect until the student returns.

Can Parents Carry Their Children on Their Policy?

In most states, parents can carry a college student on their policy until the child is 26. This is to ensure the student has some kind of coverage while living on a college campus or while living at home. However, there are some states that won’t offer the coverage if the student is living in a home or apartment that is not with the parents or on the school campus.

What If the Insurance Plan Is Waived?

If a student decides to waive any kind of insurance plan, he or she will need to pay out of pocket for any medical services that are needed. This is not an ideal solution for students who frequently visit the doctor or who play sports because they could see an increase in the number of visits to the doctor or hospital while at school.

Is a Student’s Child Covered?

Some college students have young children who will live with them on campus or in an individual dwelling off campus. Many plans will cover a student’s minor children, as well as the student’s spouse.

College students also have other insurance concerns unrelated to their health. To learn about these needs and how to address them, get in touch with American Tri-Star. In addition to health insurance, we also offer SR22, motorcycle, and auto insurance in Vista. Call 760-758-1600 today to speak with a friendly agent and receive a complimentary quote.