How to Choose the Best Vehicle for a Young Driver in Your Family

Top Cars for Young Drivers in San Diego, CA

After learning to drive and getting a license, taking ownership of a car is still a classic rite of passage for American teens. As adults raising families, we tend to forget the trials and tribulations our own parents faced when they thought about our first cars. Now that it is our turn, we are faced with choices ranging from safety to costs while our sons and daughters mostly think about fun and style. Here are some vehicle aspects to consider in this regard.

Focus on Safety

The safest vehicle in the world would be the Volvo FH heavy truck, which is not a practical choice for a young driver. If you are a stickler for statistics, you should know that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety did not report any fatalities involving the Volvo XC90 from 2009 to 2012, but this is a luxury crossover SUV that might be a little pricey even as a pre-owned vehicle. However, Ford, Honda, and Mazda engineers have been collaborating with Volvo on automotive safety for more than 15 years.

Pay Attention to Performance

With great horsepower comes great responsibility. If you are the person providing the car for a young driver in your family, stay away from fire-breathing models that would be too risky and expensive to insure. Young drivers tend to be more impressed with sporty looks. The Subaru STI and older Mazda Miata models look great but will not burn rubber unless they have been heavily modified. In terms of performance, anti-lock brakes and driver assist technology are more important than torque, and these are features that promote safe driving.

Install Infotainment Systems

Hands on the steering and eyes on the road: if you want your children to put this mantra into practice every time they get behind the wheel, you should think about installing Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or Microsoft SYNC systems in their vehicles. The idea is to give young drivers hands-free access to some of the smartphone apps and internet content that are part of their lives while reducing the potential of distracted driving accidents.

Keep Insurance in Mind

Sitting down with your National City car insurance agent to talk about young drivers in your family is something you should do before making the final decision of giving a set of car keys to your son or daughter. There are various factors to consider aside from the ones listed herein. Your children may qualify for safe driver discounts under certain conditions, and there may be steps they can take to reduce their liability and the amount of the premiums you pay. Moreover, your insurance agent can also inform you about certain models that may be more expensive to insure because they are magnets for car thieves. In Southern California, Honda Civic models from 1997 to 2001 are routinely stolen for parts.

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