How to Childproof Your Rental Home

Childproof your Rental in San Diego, CA

Childproofing a rented home poses some unique challenges to parents because rental contracts typically forbid modifying the existing structure in any way. If you go against this contract, you run the risk of being charged with expensive fees. The solution to keeping your little ones safe in a rental home is to get creative with your childproofing methods, and the staff at Tri-Star Insurance National City has a few suggestions to help you get started.

Tie Things Up

If your landlord doesn’t allow you to install cabinet-locking mechanisms, try using string to tie the handles of the cabinets together so a small child cannot open them easily. Always tie two knots to make sure your children can’t take the string off. If there are no handles on the cabinets, attach some with removable double-sided tape.

Use Plastic Covers for Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets can pose a serious risk to small children if they try to push objects inside them, but renters are not always allowed to replace their outlet plates with safer versions. Plastic plugs are an alternative that works just as well. They are easily removable, and most hardware stores offer packages of them in their electrical departments for a low cost.

Pad Your Corners

Tables and countertops with sharp corners can be dangerous for children if they fall. Many baby stores sell special pieces of foam padding that are made specifically to combat this problem. This padding can be easily installed and removed without damaging any of your landlord’s property and can be reused anywhere you move to.

Install Baby Gates

If the home you rent has a room where childproofing would be difficult, install a baby gate in the doorway. Find a gate that is held in place by a spring-loaded mechanism instead of hinges because this type will not cause damage to the doorframe.

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