How to Find Inexpensive Auto Insurance for Teenage Drivers

Car Insurance for Teenagers In San Diego

Auto insurance is now required by law, which means it’s important to ensure teenagers have appropriate coverage before even sitting in the driver’s seat. For many teenage drivers, however, finding affordable car insurance is a daunting task. If your teen wants to start driving, here are some tips for finding inexpensive auto coverage.

Shop Around

As a start, teenagers should begin to shop around for quotes from different auto insurance agencies in San Diego. Researching is key because insurance costs and coverage can vary widely between providers. Just because an insurance agency’s catchy jingle airs on the TV 5 times a day, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will have the best offer.

Consider the Vehicle

Have your teen choose his or her first car wisely. While your son or daughter may want the fastest or nicest car on the block, let them know that insurance is often higher for some nicer vehicles, as well as luxury cars. The reverse is also true: owning a potentially high-risk vehicle, ones that are very old or rundown, will likely run up your teen’s insurance rate.

Combine Insurance

After doing some research and comparing prices, you and your teen may find that the most cost-effective option is to add your son or daughter to your insurance. If you are comfortable with adding your teen to your insurance, calculate what he or she would have been paying had it been his or her own policy, and split the cost of your policy between yourself, your teen, and any other drivers on your policy.

Check for Incentives

Encourage your son or daughter to look into incentives offered by the auto or motorcycle insurance agency. Many insurance providers offer substantial discounts for teens who are attending school, maintaining good grades, or taking additional safe driving classes.

Keep a Clean Record

Once your teenager has found auto insurance that fits his or her budget, motivate them to keep a clean driving record. Since speeding tickets and even minor accidents can lead to hikes in his or her insurance premiums, it’s important for your teen to drive carefully—both for his or her safety and financial wellbeing.

While it’s never a good idea to expect the worst, it’s better to make sure your teen has good insurance in case of an accident. While auto insurance is important in case of a vehicular accident, having the right health insurance coverage is equally important for your son or daughter. Be certain that your teenage driver has the right health insurance in case of accidents or other emergencies.

Our affordable auto, motorcycle, and health insurance plans offer the coverage your teen needs to ensure you can have peace of mind when your teen gets behind the wheel.  Read more about American Tri Star’s high-quality health insurance San Diego plans, or give us a call at (619) 325-0326 for a free estimate.