5 Common Reasons Sump Pumps Stop Working

Reasons for Sump Pumps Failure in San Diego, CA

Heavy rains can cause flooding, and homes that are more susceptible to this type of disaster should probably have a sump pump onsite. A sump pump can quickly remove excess water from your property, but it needs to be in good working order. The leading Chula Vista home insurance providers at American Tri-Star discuss 5 common reasons why sump pumps fail and how homeowners can keep them working properly.

1. Wrong Size Pump

The size of a pump is somewhat irrelevant as far as its effectiveness goes, but using a pump that’s the wrong size for your needs can still cause problems. Pumps that are too large or too small are forced to work harder, which inevitably leads to failure of the pump. Have an expert help you if you’re having trouble deciding on the size of the pump you need.

2. Incorrect Installation

When it comes to sump pumps, there’s not a lot of room for error. You must install the pump correctly for it to work. A common problem is not installing the required check valve on the discharge line. Lack of a check valve can cause water to flow back into the impeller and cause the impeller to unscrew itself. The motor will be running, but it will be useless until the impeller and backflow are corrected.

3. Clogged Discharge Lines

On occasion, your pump’s discharge lines may clog up. When this happens, water cannot escape and can potentially flood your home. The simplest way to prevent clogged pipes is to make sure debris cannot enter the line. Install a special grated attachment to direct water away if a blockage does occur.

4. Power Outage

Loss of power is probably the most common reason for sump pump failure. A power failure is usually not a defect with the pump, but instead the result of a power outage. Be sure to have a backup generator in case your power gets knocked out by a storm or blown fuse.

5. Problems with the Switch

Switch problems can occur when the pump shifts within the basin and renders the float inside ineffective. The function of the float is to keep the power switch working properly. If either one of these is broken or not functioning properly, the pump will not work.

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