How to Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in San Diego, CA

Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and extremely dangerous. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates around 400 people a year die from carbon monoxide poisoning, with the largest group at risk being homeowners. The staff at American Tri-Star, a leading provider of homeowners insurance in Vista, offers you a look at some ways to protect you and your family from this silent killer.

Install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

Much like a smoke detector lets you know when your house is on fire, a carbon monoxide detector can pick up traces of carbon monoxide in your house, giving you life-saving information. If you have a multistory home, install at least one carbon monoxide detector on each floor so you’re protected no matter where you are in the house. Don’t forget to replace the detectors every 5 years.

Keep Portable Generators Outside

If a storm has knocked out your power, you can use a portable generator to keep the lights on. However, generators should never be used indoors because they emit carbon monoxide gas. This includes using them in carports and garages, even if the garage door is open. Outdoor generators should also be kept far away from open windows, doors, and vents.

Other Tips to Remember

  • Don’t use the gas range to heat your home - Your gas range should only be used for cooking purposes. Using it as a heat source can cause a buildup of carbon monoxide.
  • Have appliances serviced - A qualified technician should service your heating system, water heater, and other gas, oil, and coal burning appliances every year.
  • Never run your car in a garage – Even with the garage door open, carbon monoxide can still build up. If you must idle your car, do so outside in the fresh air.
  • Clean your chimney - The CDC recommends having your chimney cleaned every year. Debris can block chimneys, causing a backup of carbon monoxide.

A little bit of caution and common sense can go a long way toward keeping you and your loved ones safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. If you’d like additional home safety tips or a quote on affordable homeowners, commercial, or auto insurance Vista residents trust, give American Tri-Star Insurance a call at 760-758-1600. We hope to hear from you soon.