5 Things You Should Know About Car Repair Insurance

Car Repair Insurance San Diego

Typical car insurance policies cover only collisions, accidents, or natural disasters. However, because the majority of car problems are a result of everyday wear, regular policies may not cover the repairs your vehicle will need. While generally more expensive, car repair insurance policies, also sometimes referred to as extended warranties, can help you afford part replacements and to fix mechanical issues that were not caused by accidents. To better understand whether car repair insurance is worth your while, our auto insurance experts at American Tristar Insurance Services have compiled a few benefits of this kind of coverage.

1. Anticipate Inevitable Wear

Cars are complex machines, but no matter how high-quality your vehicle is, over time its parts will begin to wear out. Paying for car repair insurance will mean that you are prepared when the time comes to replace parts, or to fix ones that are malfunctioning. While coverage can vary widely between providers, a few car repair insurance policies cover both the parts and the labor that will go into fixing your car.  

2. Receive Experts’ Knowledge

Most auto insurance agencies can serve as an excellent source of car repair information. As providers know exactly how much your car’s repairs will cost, they would likely be happy to help you negotiate with mechanics to ensure that you get the best price for your repairs. With this kind of expert assistance, you won’t have to worry that your mechanic is taking advantage of you. 

3. Pay in Advance

Before selecting car repair insurance it’s important to evaluate your financial flexibility. While paying for car repair insurance is often less expensive than paying for repairs upfront, it also requires that you can afford to pay in advance. Though for some people repair insurance can help spread the costs of car repair over a longer period of time, thereby avoiding a sudden, large bill, for others, paying a monthly premium can be unmanageable.

4. Choose Your Coverage Level

Some car repair insurance policies give you the ability to insure certain parts of your car. This option provides you with flexible coverage, meaning you can select coverage depending on your financial situation. These policies allow you to select from different coverage options, including smaller premiums that cover the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle, as well as bigger premiums that provide full-car protection.

5. Beware of Hidden Fees or Limited Coverage

Car repair insurance is not a well-known coverage option, so many new buyers don’t know what to look for or what to avoid. As a result, some devious providers will throw in extra fees or penalties, and may limit your coverage. To avoid purchasing insurance that will cost you extra, be sure to read the fine print and be aware any coverage limitations or restrictions before you pick your provider.

If you like the idea of protecting your vehicle, but you’re wary about car repair insurance, check out American Tristar Insurance in San Diego. While our coverage options do not include car repair insurance, we do have affordable, comprehensive auto coverage, as well as insurance bundling options. With these auto insurance options, you can rest assured that your insurance needs will be taken care of, and at a reasonable price you can afford.

If you’d like to learn more about the pros and cons of car repair insurance, or you would like to discuss other auto insurance options, contact one of our auto experts at 619-272-2100, or get a free online car insurance quote.