Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers

Information About Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers in San Diego, CA

Picture this: You’ve just purchased a new car for your teenager. You imagine them driving around, hanging out with friends and having fun just like you did when you were their age. But wait a minute; didn’t you get into a lot of car trouble when you were a teenager? Didn’t your parents constantly take your keys away because of tickets and skyrocketing insurance rates? Now you star thinking that perhaps this car wasn’t a good idea.

At American Tri-Star Insurance, we believe that parents shouldn’t have to worry about outrageous insurance rates because of their teen drivers. Many insurance agencies are not teen-friendly when it comes to providing auto insurance. However, we provide car insurance for teenagers that is affordable for both the teen driver and his or her parents.

We have many ways teens can save on their insurance rates. The following list outlines a few of the ways to reduce insurance rates for teen drivers:

  • If you are a safe driver (safe drivers are reward with lower insurance rates)
  • If you drive a new car (new cars have less maintenance)
  • If you are a student
  • If you get good grades (GPA of 3.0 or higher)
  • If your car has motorized seat belts
  • If you are in a multiple policy (family bundling)
  • If your car is equipped with Anti-theft devices and Anti-lock brakes

Being a teenager and driving a car shouldn’t be two opposing matters. Every legal age driver should be permitted to drive a car and should be able to afford insurance. At American Tri Star, we make it our mission to provide quality auto insurance that anyone can afford. To learn more about our services call us at 619-272-2100 or request a car insurance quote online and let us drive you to peace of mind.