4 Tips for When Your Car Breaks Down

Steps to Take After A Car Breaks Down

Discovering that your car has broken down can be stressful. While sometimes your car may simply fail to start when you’re still at home, most of the tip car breakdowns happen when you’re en route to another location. At American Tristar Insurance in San Diego, we are dedicated to sharing driving tips, including how to react in the case of a breakdown when you’re away from home. Read on for a few of our auto experts’ tips for being safe when your car breaks down and getting your vehicle repaired as soon as possible. 

1. Be Prepared for Possible Breakdowns

Before a breakdown ever occurs, you can ensure that you are prepared in case of vehicle problems. Learning about your insurance agency’s roadside assistance and storing local towing agencies’ contact information in your cell phone is proactive move. Likewise, keeping a roadside assistance kit, bottled water, blankets, and a car phone charger are all smart moves in case assistance is unavailable for an extended period.

2. Exit the Roadway

If your car does breakdown, your first step must be getting your vehicle and yourself out of the roadway. If your vehicle is stuck in the road, be sure to turn on your hazard lights to alert other motorists of your presence. Then, if possible, put your vehicle in neutral and try to push it to the side of the road. When you have moved your vehicle out of the road, put the car in park, but keep your hazard lights on.

3. Assess Your Vehicle

Once your car is out of the road, you can take a moment to assess the vehicle. While vehicle breakdowns can often be easily fixed on the side of the road, certain problems require a mechanic and special tools. If the problem is one that you can fix, you may do so if there is room on the side of the road to do so. If not, you will need to contact a tow truck or roadside assistance.

4. Find your Insurance Information

Many auto and motorcycle insurance providers in San Diego offer roadside assistance, as well as towing services, so contacting your insurance provider should be your next step. Most insurance agency cards have a toll-free contact number that you can call for assistance that will provide helpful information about local towing agencies and estimated wait time.

By following these tips, you will be better prepared to handle a vehicular breakdown if one occurs. If you do not currently have auto or motorcycle insurance, or are looking to change providers, contact one of our Insurance Representatives at (619) 325-0326 to review your coverage options. We look forward to assisting you!