Should You Buy a Car New or Used?

Buying a Used Car vs a New Car

Car buyers have been discussing the merits and detriments of buying new or used vehicles ever since Henry Ford developed the assembly line mass-production system at his industrial plants in the early 20th century. There is no clear rationale to settle this debate because every prospective car owner will have different ways of evaluating costs and benefits. The new car smell may be hypnotic to some drivers but not so much for others who enjoy hunting for bargains.

Which Is Safer?

There is a lot to be said about modern automotive technology, which goes beyond infotainment systems and drivetrain performance. Features such as adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, lane departure sensors, blind spot elimination, panic button communications, and GPS tracking are more important than being able to connect an iPhone with a virtual assistant to dictate WhatsApp messages. For the most part, new cars tend to be safer. Some exceptions to this rule may include some older Volvo and Saturn models that outperform other models in terms of crash testing.

Which Is More Fuel Efficient?

New hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles are becoming more fuel efficient every year. Some used cars such as the Toyota Yaris may still perform well when it comes to miles per gallon, but the Yaris cannot be compared against a new Tesla or even the Volkswagen e-Golf in terms of fuel efficiency.

What Is the Purchase Price?

Used cars have the upper hand in relation to bargain pricing. Prospective buyers who do not rush into their purchases and who do their homework will likely find a few options that are far cheaper than new cars. Sellers with good credit who would like to get some quick cash are more likely to sell their used cars than to trade them in, thereby creating attractive opportunities for savvy buyers. Here’s something else to consider: the lower the purchase price, the lower the sales tax.

Is the Vehicle Still Under Warranty?

The reason so many used cars start being sold after their odometers reach 36,000 miles is because this is the expiry mark for the automaker’s warranty. Once this protection is gone, so are other nice perks such as free oil changes and satellite radio subscriptions. Driving a car beyond its initial warranty is a matter of risk tolerance.

How Much Will the Insurance Cost?

For some used cars, you can purchase relatively cheap San Diego car insurance, but there are a few notorious exceptions. In fact, some used models demand expensive premiums because they are considered “hot wheels.” Drivers in San Diego who own 1998 Honda Civics should be concerned about the alarmingly high rate of theft of these models. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the 1998 Civic was the most stolen vehicle in Southern California during 2016. A similar situation was observed for the 1996 Honda Accord. These cars are often stolen and transported to chop shops so they can be stripped for parts.

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