Guide to Commercial Insurance

A Simple Guide to Commercial Insurance in San Diego, CA

Running a business is an investment that requires constant work. If you don’t have commercial insurance, you can risk losing the business you put so much time, energy and money in to. For this reason, it is highly recommended that every business owner have some type of commercial insurance. If you’re a business owner, take the first step toward protecting your business by getting commercial insurance in San Diego.

Commercial insurance, also known as business insurance in San Diego, will protect your business from a variety of on-site liabilities. Such liabilities that businesses are protected against include: bodily injury, property damage, management mishaps, product malfunctions and employee and client lawsuits. There are a variety of plans available to meet the needs of every business. What your individual business is protected from depends on what type of commercial insurance you purchase.

Commercial insurance policies are typically broken down into two categories: life insurance and long-term investments. The most common and comprehensive category is long-term investments, which cover everything from business fleet vehicles to fire insurance. Within these two policy types are standard and excessive insurance lines. Most businesses only need the standard line which includes auto and property insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. Excessive lines cover specific liabilities for specialized businesses (i.e. a restaurant needing liquor liability insurance). Excessive lines also offer additions such as San Diego bond insurance, if your agency works with outside contractors.

If you’re looking into purchasing commercial insurance for your San Diego business, contact an American Tri-Star Insurance representative to discuss which plan is right for your business. It is our goal to help you create an insurance plan that meets your coverage needs and budget. Call us at 619-272-2100 and let us help you protect and grow your business.