Bundling Insurance Saves Money

Bundling Insurance Saves Money

Insurance agencies offer consumers a chance to bundle all of their policies into one easy to pay option. Purchasing insurance in this way is not only more streamlined for buyers, but can help them save money at the same time.

1. Bundling is the New Way to Buy Insurance

– Bundling is viewed by many as the new and only way to buy insurance in today’s market. Bundling is when a consumer purchases two or more insurance policies from a single agency.

2. Bundling Options

– There are many types of insurance that qualify for bundling including life, rental, house, and car insurance in San Diego. People usually require more than one form of insurance to cover all of their needs, so it makes sense to purchase them in a bundle.

3. Bundling Benefits for Agencies

– Bundling benefits both the consumer and the insurance agency. Agencies want the business and by offering bundling packages it keeps the client satisfied for the long term. It is a way for insurance agencies to reward their customers with cost saving options while decreasing the customer turnover rate.

4. Time Savings

– People’s lives are busier than ever before and managing all their insurance policies in one location saves them a great deal of time. Adding on additional items to an existing policy, or taking one off, is convenient for people who choose to bundle common types of insurance like car and health insurance.

5. Money Savings

– The average person spends a large amount of money each year on their car, home, and life insurance. There are many contributing factors such as where a person lives, their personal health, and the value of the car or home as to how much a person pays. Bundling can reduce overall cost and help save consumers hundreds of dollars each year.

Agents will often offer a bundle price quote, but if they do not, don’t be afraid to ask. And if you’re looking for additional insurance quotes, call American Tri-Star Insurance. In addition to affordable San Diego auto insurance, we offer bundling packages so that our clients can enjoy significant savings on all their insurance policies. Call (619) 325-0326 and request a free quote now!