How Save Money on Auto Insurance

Tips on Saving Money on Auto Insurance in San Diego, CA

In California, driving without insurance is a penalty, but many drivers do so anyway because they think they can’t afford auto insurance. The truth of the matter is that there are many ways drivers can have cheap San Diego auto insurance. The following list outlines a few ways to have a low auto insurance bill:

Bundle Your Cars:

Many insurance agencies offer multi-car discounts when families bundle their cars in one policy. Rather than having you husband or wife, son or daughter having separate insurance providers, consult your auto insurance agent about having a single family policy.

Bundle Your Policies:

Did you know that some agencies that offer multiple types of insurance allow you to bundle packages for more affordable rates. For instance, if you bundle your car insurance with your San Diego property insurance, you may be able to enjoy lower rates for both!

Safety is Critical:

Being a good driver has many perks; not only do your protect yourself by being safe, but your insurance rates will also be great.

Less is More:

The less you drive, the more you can save. Auto insurance agencies understand that the less a driver is on the road, the less likely he or she will be in an accident. Talk to your agent today about your commute time or if you carpool or take public transportation and watch your insurance rates shrink.

Bring in Those A’s:

The benefits of good grades are not only restricted to school. Teenagers can earn significant discounts if they do well in school. By having at least a 3.0 GPA, you or your teen can save a bundle of auto insurance.

Keep an Eye on Your Policy:

It is imperative to talk to your agent about changes in your driving, when or if you bought a new car, if you changed zip codes or what type of car your drive. All these points can reduce your insurance rates so keep your agent informed about all changes.

It is important to have insurance in order to ensure safety for everyone on the road. Auto insurance protects you as well as the other drivers on the road. Protect yourself today and call American Tri-Star Insurance or visit our website at