The 5 Best Deterrents for Car Theft

Car Theft Preventions in San Diego, CA

Having your car stolen not only makes it difficult to live your normal life, but it also has the potential to greatly raise your insurance rates. However, equipping your car with theft deterrents can help you secure San Diego cheap car insurance while providing your vehicle with better protection against theft.

1. Using a Club

The Club has been popular for years because it is often an effective deterrent. A metal bar securely locks on your steering wheel, preventing it from moving. Most car thieves will simply move on to the next car because the The Club is difficult to remove.

2. Removing the Steering Wheel

It is hard to steal a car if it is impossible to drive. Getting a removable steering wheel may mean a little inconvenience for you at times, but it is a great way to help ensure your car stays put. Informing your insurance agency of your removable steering wheel may also lower your monthly rates.

3. Parking in a Garage

Parking is often extremely limited in big cities. If you don’t have a garage attached to your home, you may have to decide between parking in a paid garage or on the street. Garage parking keeps your car safer, and the lower insurance rates may help pay for the added parking costs.

4. Installing an Alarm

The presence of an alarm is often good enough to scare off a potential thief. It is hard to get away with stealing a car with an alarm blasting while the thief attempts to drive away. Just make sure you set the alarm every time you exit the vehicle.

5. Driving a Manual

Not many people know how to drive manual transmissions anymore, so they are stolen far less than cars with automatic transmissions. While your auto insurance in San Diego may not change significantly, driving a manual can keep your car safer from theft because of simple statistics.

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