4 Ways Homeowners Insurance Benefits You

Homeowners Insurance In San Diego

Homeowners insurance is a policy that covers damages and losses affecting your property, perhaps during a burglary or fire. The following are four ways you can benefit from homeowners insurance,from the insurance experts at San Diego Tri-Star Insurance.

1. Protection from Loss

Many people discover that they are not sufficiently covered for losses because they purchase coverage based on the size of their home, rather than considering the value of their possessions. Extended replacement value is a homeowners insurance policy that insures your home and its contents from damage caused by a fire, theft or other unprecedented events. The policy covers the entire value of your home, including the possessions within and the expense of rebuilding your property.

2. Personal Liability Protection

Apart from protecting your home and its contents, homeowners insurance offers you protection against a lawsuit. If a person was to sustain injuries on your property, they might decide to pursue a claim against you. Liability coverage pays for medical bills, property damage expenses, and the cost of hiring a lawyer.

3. Required by Lenders

Homeowners insurance protects your lender and their investment against losses or damage arising from incidences such as vandalism or fire outbreaks. Many lenders require borrowers to buy a homeowners policy that is equal to the value of their mortgage. In most cases, lenders buy homeowners insurance for their debtors and charge them for it.

4. Coverage for Special Circumstances

If you live in a neighborhood where earthquakes or floods are common, a basic homeowners policy cannot cover you. Supplemental earthquake coverage or flood insurance offers protection against natural disasters. These policies are usually separate from the basic homeowners policy and provide extra security for unusual or unforeseeable circumstances.

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