How to Become the Ultimate Boss to Yourself

In the hit reality television series Undercover Boss, a recurring theme centers on the eye-opening experience that executives and senior managers get when they realize their low-level employees work a lot harder than expected. Some of these undercover bosses also realize supervisors, managers, and even themselves could benefit from introspection to start being better bosses to these hard workers.

As an entrepreneur or self-employed professional, you do not have the benefit of CBS pitching you on the idea of going undercover within your own enterprise. You only have the mirror for this purpose, and unless your reflection happens to be piles of cash, you will likely think of yourself as an inadequate boss. The next time you think about what you should do to improve your business venture, try thinking about becoming a better boss to yourself. The staff at American Tri-Star, a leading provider of San Diego commercial insurance, has a few recommendations in this regard.

Work on Your Business, Not for Your Business

Depending on your financial situation, executing on this improvement may be challenging. Let’s say you provide cloud computing solutions for small companies. If you handle your own marketing, sales, installations, customer service, and accounting, you are working too hard for your business and you lack time to work on your business. If you can afford to take a break, dedicate time to improve your operations so you are not doing everything on your own. You may decide the time has come to hire someone else and become his or her boss.

Fight Redundancy

Second-guessing yourself at every step you take is not the way to manage a business. Being inconsequential is the opposite of being a boss. Actions and behaviors that are not making you money or advancing your business should be avoided, especially if they can be described as redundancies.

Be More Responsible

Nobody likes to work for a boss who cuts corners. However, this situation is far too common in entrepreneurial and self-employed situations. If you are operating a food truck without the proper insurance policies and permits, your lack of responsibility may catch up to you one day and stress you to the point of not being able to operate efficiently. Take a few hours to review all your compliance issues and make a plan to handle them as soon as possible. The plan may include meeting an insurance agent, filing permits, and getting in touch with a tax preparation professional.

Become Inspired

Every great leader has a story to tell, and some of them write books about their experience. The Audacity of Hope by former President Barack Obama is a book many business leaders have recommended in recent years. The same can be said about See Jane Lead by Lois P. Frankel.

Whether you’re only the boss to yourself or you oversee several employees, it’s important to have adequate commercial insurance for your business. Call American Tri-Star today at 619-272-2100 to find out how we can help you obtain the coverage you need. In addition to our basic commercial insurance, we also provide reliable and affordable commercial auto, workers’ compensation, employment practices liability, and business property insurance in San Diego.