5 Bad Habits for Motorhome Owners

Common Mistakes of Motorhome Owners in San Diego, CA

As the owner of a recreational vehicle, you may think life on the road is a series of fun adventures. However, you should be careful about falling into bad habits that could squeeze all the joy out of your RV lifestyle. Doing preventive maintenance and going over checklists should become second nature for all RV owners. The key to staying ahead of the game is to make sure you are not engaging in any transgressions. The Vista RV insurance experts at American Tri-Star recommend all motorhome owners break the following bad habits.

1. Not Checking the Tires at the Correct Times

Many RV owners fail to realize tires are the only parts of their vehicles that actually make contact with the road surface, and thus they end up checking the condition and air pressure of their tires at the incorrect times. There are two crucial times when you should be checking your RV tires: before getting on the road and at your first rest stop. The idea of checking pressure before the trip begins is related to temperature. Once you get on the road, the air inside will expand, thereby giving you an inflated pressure reading, so to speak. Once you make a stop, conduct a visual inspection of your tires.

2. Failing to Check Weather Stripping

Once the odometer in your RV registers a few thousand miles, check the condition of the seals and weather stripping that keep water out of the interior. You should do this every three months, particularly if your RV travels to regions known for extreme climate. Check for signs of deterioration such as cracking and deformity of the seals. Along with the tires, the weather stripping of an RV tends to be vulnerable to wear and tear.

3. Exposing the RV to the Elements

Your RV is an investment that requires adequate protection. Whenever possible, try to park your camper under roof cover to keep it protected from excessive exposure to rain, sunshine, and snow. You may not always be able to find a steel or fiberglass carport wherever you decide to park. For this reason, you may want to invest in a waterproof tarp system that can be quickly installed with bungee straps.

4. Ignoring Safety Before Driving

There is a lot more to RV safety than defensive driving. For instance, Class A RVs are full-sized motorhomes with many features and moving parts that can become hazardous if you fall into the bad habit of neglecting them. Before you get on the road, make sure the antennas and stairs are retracted, the windows are closed, the vents are sealed, and the utility ports have been properly disconnected and capped.

5. Mishandling Perishables

If your RV is equipped with a refrigerator, do not assume it will work in the same fashion as the fridge you have in your house. Don’t forget to monitor the temperature and check on the food items you store within. You should also check for condensation and interior leaks.

One of the biggest mistakes any motorhome owner can make is not securing the right insurance policy. Reach out to Tri-Star Insurance to meet all your RV insurance needs. In addition to motorhome insurance, we also offer auto, motorcycle, homeowners, and commercial insurance Vista, CA, residents can trust. Get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents today at 760-758-1600.