4 Bad Driving Habits You Probably Picked Up from Your Parents

Bad Driving Habits in San Diego, CA

When your mother and father were younger and just learning to drive, some of the laws of the road were a bit different from now, and they may have become set in their ways over the years. As a result, it’s possible you picked up some of their driving habits when they were helping you learn how to drive. San Diego auto insurance experts discuss a few of these bad driving habits you need to focus on breaking.

1. Using Your Arm as a Seat Belt

Before the law required the use of seat belts, some drivers used to reach their arm across to keep the rider next to them in place if they had to slam on their brakes. It might have saved the passenger from serious injury if the vehicle wasn’t going very fast, but it was more likely to injure the driver’s arm or injure the passenger’s nose. Simply put, you shouldn’t be doing this anyway because seat belt use has become mandatory.

2. Not Using a Seat Belt

It’s easy to be lazy and not use your seat belt when you’re driving. You’ve probably watched your parents fail to put on their seat belts after a long day, and as a result you might start to think it’s no big deal if you skip it, too. It takes about 3 seconds to put your seat belt on, and it could save your life if you’re ever in an accident.

3. Speeding Up at Yellow Lights

We’ve all had parents who sped up to catch the yellow light. When you take this chance, you’re playing the odds you’re not going to hit the red light. If you do miss the yellow and try to run the red, you could potentially crash into somebody either turning into the lane you’re in, or you may hit a vehicle in oncoming traffic.

4. Not Obeying Road Signs

Road signs were put in place for a reason, and they’re not to be ignored just because they seem like an inconvenience. For example, going the wrong way on a one-way street because you got lost and needed to turn around is unsafe. All it takes is one person to disobey a sign to cause a disaster.

These are only a few of the bad habits you might have picked up from your parents. Learn how to be a safer driver by getting in touch with American Tri-Star. For a free quote on the cheap auto insurance San Diego drivers prefer, give us a call at 619-272-2100 and one of our knowledgeable representatives would be happy to assist you.