How to Avoid Being the Victim of Insurance Fraud

Advice on Avoiding Insurance Fraud in San Diego, CA

Did you know that “10 percent or more of property/casualty insurance claims are fraudulent,” according to The National insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)? Insurance scams are scattered in abundance throughout California with some of the highest numbers popping up in Southern California. So what exactly is insurance fraud and how do you avoid it?

The perpetrators can be anyone from an untrustworthy mechanic to fellow drivers. San Diego’s trusted auto insurance provider, American Tri-Star Insurance, is here to help you stay safe on the road without being ripped off.

  • Insurance fraud oftentimes takes place in shady auto shops when an airbag needs to be replaced. Occasionally those life-saving airbags get replaced with phonies, putting the drivers at risk. Be sure to always use a trusted and AAA-certified auto repair shop.
  • According to the NCIB, staged accidents have gone up 102% in recent years! This is when one or more cars set the scene for an accident and then target an unsuspecting driver. To avoid being a victim of these set-ups try to leave plenty of cushion between you and the cars around you, be aware of your surroundings and don’t blindly trust a stranger who is guiding you out of a parking spot.
  • Another common scam in San Diego is windshield repair. Strangers will approach people in parking lots claiming they can repair windshields for free in minutes on the spot if you simply provide your insurance information. These jobs are usually spotty at best and at worst that person can file false insurance claims using the information you gave them.
  • Unfortunately, there are also untrustworthy insurance representatives that aren’t honest about your coverage and the costs. Be sure you are independently verifying your coverage and working with trusted agencies, like American Tri-Star Insurance.

To learn more about reliable, yet affordable San Diego auto insurance, contact one of our expert auto insurance representatives at 619-272-2100 to see how much we can help you save.