How Do Insurance Agencies Assess Risk?

How Insurance Agencies Assess Risk in San Diego, CA

Anytime that you sign up for auto insurance, you need to expect a risk assessment. Auto insurance agenciesĀ in San Diego will take a close look at you on a personal level before you’re provided with a quote. How do insurance agencies assess risk? Here are a few common factors that insurance agencies use to determine how much you’ll pay on an annual basis.

It’s All About Age and Experience

If you’re a young, teenaged driver with little experience, expect to pay higher rates for insurance, no matter where you go in the nation. Teenagers have a reputation for making poor judgments when on the road, not to mention they simply haven’t had as much practice. On the flip side, elderly drivers may also find themselves in a higher bracket when it comes to paying for automobile insurance. As drivers age, their reflexes and response times are often not up to par. Vision and hearing can also be points of weakness. Drivers who are between their thirties and fifties are likely to have better insurance rates if they have a clean record.

A Driver’s Record is a Major Point of Concern

Insurance agents will examine a driver’s history on the road. This is good news for drivers who have had experience and avoided accidents or tickets. However, those who have been repeat offenders for driving infractions will have higher rates. Individuals who have been charged with driving under the influence or while intoxicated can expect their rates to skyrocket. If you have a previous DUI or a poor driving history, click here for information about how you can still enjoy affordable automobile insurance in San Diego.

Emphasizing Safety is a Plus

Drivers who take a safety course and include safety features in their car will benefit with reduced rates. Safe drivers reduce the overall risk of accidents, meaning fewer claims and risk for their insurance agency. For safe drivers who are looking to switch their San Diego auto insurance provider, get an instant car insurance quote now or contact an expert representative at 619-272-2100 for more information.