What Do “Commute” & “Pleasure” Mean in Auto Insurance Terms?

The Meaning of “Commute” & “Pleasure” Mean in Auto Insurance Terms in San Diego, CA

When being interviewed by a Vista auto insurance agent, drivers are often asked questions about their driving patterns. For example, a college student might be asked if she uses her car for a part-time pizza delivery job. This might determine whether her employer should obtain commercial auto insurance coverage during the hours she is at work.

Another common question is related to whether the car is driven for pleasure or for commuting. This information is crucial to ascertain the type of coverage needed. Actuaries, the data scientists who analyze accident reports and correlate them with driving patterns, use this information to come up with projection models that estimate the likelihood of drivers getting into accidents.

Driving for Pleasure

A driver who owns a Honda Civic as well as a classic older car is more likely to use the former as a primary car. In the example of the San Diego college student above, she probably would not use her classic car to deliver pizzas or go to class. If she only drives her sports car to exhibitions or meet up with fellow classic car enthusiasts a couple of weekends a month, this would be considered pleasure driving.

Commuting Vehicles

Vista cheap car insurance agencies often evaluate driving routes and frequency of a car being used so they can provide adequate coverage and accurate premium quotes. If a car is driven during rush hour on saturated freeways, greater coverage may be needed than if it is only driven on empty rural roads.

Insurance Options for Commuters and Pleasure Drivers

Drivers are often presented with questions and options regarding their driving habits. Many drivers tend to request the minimum liability coverage required to renew their license plate and vehicle registration so their cars can stay on the road. This is not always the most economically viable strategy because an accident could be costly. It is better to read all the questions and the fine print in the policy documents. Without proper coverage, crashing a Ferrari against a parked vehicle could be an expensive accident even if no one is injured.

The Bottom Line of Pleasure Driving Versus Commuting

In general, drivers are better off providing as much information about vehicle usage and driving patterns as possible. Insurance agencies need this data not just for their actuaries and underwriters to analyze but also for the purpose of offering proper coverage and adequate quotes. Contrary to what many drivers think, providing more information does not always result in higher premiums. In some cases, it may lower them. If a car is only being used to drive to the beach once or twice a month, it may qualify for pleasure driving coverage since it is less likely to get into an accident.

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