He’s to Blame! How to Assign Fault Following an Auto Accident

How to Assign Fault Following a Car Accident in San Diego, CA

A majority of drivers will likely be involved in an auto accident at some point in their lives, which makes it essential to have car insurance in San DiegoWhen an accident happens, the first thing that is asked is the question, “who is at fault?” With some accidents, it is obvious which driver is at fault, but more often than not, the situation is complicated with both parties looking to assign blame.

Sometimes it is easy to determine fault, such as in a case of a rear-end or broad side. In these cases, the driver who rear-ended the other driver or the driver who gets broadsided while making a left-hand turn are almost always at fault. Other obvious at-fault indicators include drive negligence, such as not using turn signals, driving without headlights on, running a red light, or violations of traffic laws such as speeding.

What about circumstances where it isn’t clear as to who is at fault for the accident? In these cases, the police report will be used by insurers to determine who is at fault. If you’re in an accident, report the facts to the police officer, but it is recommended to not admit that you were at fault. In addition to telling the responding officer your side of the story, take pictures of the damage and consult with eye-witnesses. Record anything they had to say after the accident that may indicate fault; this will help strengthen your case against the other driver.

If you’re found to be the one at fault for the accident, you may be able to still seek damages, granted they are in proportion to your degree of fault. Your insurance provider and your specific policy will determine if your premiums or monthly rates will increase.

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