Does Your Insurance Cover Damage Caused by a Fallen Tree?

Home Insurance Coverage in San Diego, CA

Spring is finally here, and with the blooming flowers and warm weather often comes more frequent rain, wind, and thunderstorms. These conditions sometimes lead to fallen trees that can damage vehicles and buildings. Because of this possibility, you should know if your insurance covers fallen tree damage.

Car Insurance

If you have comprehensive coverage, most car insurance policies cover damage to a vehicle from a fallen tree, no matter where the tree came from. If the tree fell from your property, it is often your San Diego car insurance that covers the damage, not your homeowners insurance. In some cases, the damage to your car may be covered, but the cost to remove the tree may not. If a neighbor or other property owner is responsible for the fallen tree, he or she may also be responsible for the cost of repair.

Homeowners Insurance

Trees often fall and cause damage due to uncontrollable circumstances like heavy winds or rain. If a fallen tree hits your home, fence, or detached garage, a standard San Diego home insurance policy typically covers the damage. This is true even if the tree was not growing on your property, though the repairs may be the responsibility of the other property’s owner. If the tree damages an insured structure, your insurance policy likely pays for tree removal as well. Homeowners insurance rarely covers removal costs if the fallen tree did not cause damage.

Commercial Insurance

Like homeowners insurance, commercial insurance in San Diego covers your building, inventory, and other possessions damaged by fallen trees. If your business has liability insurance, repairs to the property caused by a fallen tree will often be covered, even if the tree fell from a neighboring property. However, when a tree falls due to neglect, insurance rarely covers the damage. In many cases, you will also be responsible for the cost of removing the fallen tree.

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