Electric Vehicles: Are They a Safe Option for Your Business?

Electric Cars for Businesses in San Diego, CA

Electric vehicles are becoming more common for a variety of reasons, and not just for personal use. Some businesses are choosing to use them as well, but there are a few things business owners need to consider before making the decision official. The National City auto insurance experts at American Tri-Star are here to discuss electric vehicles and help you determine if they are a safe and viable option for your agency.

The Popularity of Electric Vehicles

Many agencies are opting for electric fleet vehicles because they are less expensive to operate and maintain. Recharging an electric vehicle is typically about half the cost of a tank of gas. These vehicles also contain fewer moving parts that can break down or malfunction, which means the maintenance costs are normally about two-thirds less than vehicles with a gas or diesel engine.

Potential Safety Risks of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles operate off batteries that can carry up to 600 volts, which can pose an electrocution risk to maintenance workers and owners who attempt to work on the vehicle without proper training and safety precautions. There is also a risk to first responders handling the vehicle in an emergency situation because they may not know how to isolate and shut down the power supply. These and many other instances may factor into the cost of your National City commercial auto insurance.

Electric Vehicle Safety Standards

Electric vehicles must undergo the same safety testing as traditional vehicles. The high-voltage battery is encased in a shell that can withstand a wide range of environmental and operating conditions, including collision and water immersion. Manufacturers also include numerous safety features designed to deactivate the electrical system in the event of a short circuit or collision.

Electric Vehicles and Driver Safety

From a driver’s perspective, electric vehicles are among the safest to own and operate. There is no danger of fire from highly combustible fuels. There are also no toxic fumes to pose a health hazard. The charging system contains multiple safeguards to prevent charging if there is any abnormality in the system. Electric vehicles also have a lower center of gravity and better weight distribution than conventional vehicles, providing easier handling and control. They also have a larger front-end crumple zone for additional protection during a crash.

When it comes to electric vehicles, the insurance needs of a business can vary in many ways from those of an individual. Get in touch with Tri-Star Insurance today to learn about some of these differences. For quotes on commercial insurance or cheap National City auto insurance, call 619-474-3900 to speak with one of our friendly agents.