5 Anti-Hacking Tips for Businesses That Accept Credit Cards

Cyber Security for Business in San Diego, CA

Protecting credit card and other sensitive customer information is good for both your customers and your bottom line. This approach can keep your customers happy, of course, but you may also be able to avoid certain liabilities and save money on commercial insurance in National City if you put certain safety measures in place. Talk with your insurance provider to find out if you are eligible for savings and take these steps to protect yourself and your customers from a security breach.

1. Visibly Process Cards

When staff members are allowed to take a customer’s credit card out of sight, they may have an opportunity to scan the card number and store it in their own device. Keeping credit cards visible to your customers at all times goes a long way toward preventing this. Letting customers swipe their own cards is an even better solution.

2. Limit Employee Access to Credit Card Data

Hackers can’t access information you don’t have, so institute a system that stores as little customer information as possible. Purging customer credit card data as soon as cards are processed is smart business. Limit access to the information you do need to store so you know exactly which employees are allowed can see it.

3. Upgrade Technology

The right technology can provide excellent security for your business. Install a firewall, insist on strong passwords, and use systems that require two-factor authentication. Audit your technology often because hacker skills tend to advance alongside new security measures.

4. Shred Documents

Be careful what you throw away because sensitive information is sometimes retrieved from the trash. Shred anything and everything containing customer information when throwing it away. There are agencies that will come and do your shredding for you to save time.

5. Train Employees Thoroughly

Fraudsters can be quite convincing, so teach your employees what to look for and remind them often. Be specific about what information they can share and who they can share it with so they don’t accidentally reveal something they shouldn’t.

Even if you do everything in your power to protect against hacking, no solution is foolproof. Make sure you secure adequate business insurance for additional protection. For more information on commercial insurance, or for a free quote on affordable National City car insurance, give us a call at 619-474-3900. We hope to hear from you soon.