Learn About the Bed Designed to Protect Against Earthquakes

How a Bed Can Protect You Against Earthquakes in San Diego, CA

If you’ve ever been concerned about a major earthquake occurring while you’re asleep and unprepared to protect yourself, a new product has been developed that you might be interested to learn about. The staff at American Tri-Star in San Diego details everything you need to know about the anti-earthquake bed.

Chinese designer Wang Wenxi has invented this bed, which is designed to keep sleepers safe during an earthquake. It provides protection against falling debris by automatically folding inward, so the person falls into a steel-lined compartment under the bed. Supplies and equipment such as bottled water, food, a megaphone, and a fire extinguisher are stored within the bed. If rescue is delayed for whatever reason, people have what they need.

Wenxi has adapted the design based on feedback, and several design options are now available. The bed looks similar to a platform bed, but taller. The storage compartment for food and supplies is integral and looks something like a blanket chest. Some designs have a steel shield in place of a traditional canopy. All of the design elements work to protect the owner from the dangers of falling debris.

Peace of mind may be one of the strongest reasons to invest in the anti-earthquake bed. The designer experienced several devastating earthquakes in China and was moved to invent something that could help save lives. People who have had experience with being injured from falling debris may have a different take on a piece of furniture that can offer some measure of protection.

That being said, many people feel a natural concern about the way the bed works. A fear of being buried in the rubble of an earthquake is extended to the image of being buried alive in a steel box. Lighting inside the protective enclosure, communication, and room to move may be concerns the designer will need to address in the future.

Because California is known for being one of the major earthquake states, some potential buyers might be curious to know if purchasing this bed affects their San Diego home insurance in any way. Earthquake insurance can usually be added as an endorsement or a separate policy. However, homeowners insurance does not cover earthquake damage. At this time, personal protective equipment and furniture items like the earthquake bed do not impact earthquake insurance.

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