5 Alternative Fuels That Can Be Used for Motor Vehicles

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Fuel is a precious resource, which has led to the need for alternative sources. Luckily, modern technology has allowed for new advancements in the ways we can power our vehicles. The Chula Vista car insurance experts at American Tri-Star discuss 5 ways to fuel a car without having to visit the gas station.

1. Electricity

Electricity is becoming a cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels. Although early electric batteries had trouble sustaining a reliable charge, the lithium ion batteries in modern electric cars charge quickly and hold the charge longer. These batteries allow cars to run efficiently and on little or even no gasoline.

2. Liquefied Natural Gas

Natural gas in its docile, low-pressure form is piped to homes and businesses to create heat and electricity. When cooled to its liquid form, the gas becomes more concentrated with energy, allowing it to power heavier equipment. Liquefied natural gas, through still nonrenewable, is more abundant and burns cleaner than gasoline.

3. Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Liquefied petroleum (LP) gas is another energy-dense liquid gasoline alternative. Like liquefied natural gas, LP gas is the super-chilled form of petroleum gas. Though not yet commonly seen in the United States, it is popular overseas, making up over 10 percent of fuel used in the Netherlands, according to the California Energy Commission.

4. Ethanol

A quasi-renewable fuel derived predominantly from corn and sugarcane, many major automotive retailers already sell “flexible-fuel” vehicles that run on gasoline/ethanol blends. A 2012 study by the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) found 618,505 vehicles in use in 2010 ran on 85 percent ethanol fuel.

5. Hydrogen

The same 2012 study by the EIA discovered only 421 hydrogen-powered cars were on the road in 2010. Though small in number, these cars run on pure hydrogen and emit only water vapor. Producing pure hydrogen for fuel is a costly process, but organizations like the National Renewable Energy Laboratory are currently devising ways to make hydrogen production more cost-effective.

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