How to Accelerate Your Auto Claim and Repairs

Tips on Accelerating Your Auto Claim and Repairs in San Diego, CA

While being in an automobile accident is often a stressful experience, the auto claim process doesn’t have to be.  With a reputable San Diego auto insurance agency such as American Tri-Star Insurance, you can expedite your claim and get back on the road as soon as possible.  To help us, as your insurer, here are a few tips that can help us accelerate your auto claim and repairs.

First, you will need to report the accident to your insurance agency as soon as possible.  This will help your insurer get a head start on the claim and complete the necessary paperwork.  The sooner the paperwork is started and filed, the faster your claim will be resolved.  In addition to contacting your insurance agent directly by phone, many San Diego car insurance agencies also allow you to report the claim online.

Second, you will need to collect the contact information from the other driver.  This is especially important to helping your claim move along more quickly. The information you will need to collect from the other party includes their name, phone number, insurance provider, policy number, license number and license plate number.  Also collect the phone numbers for drivers, passengers and witnesses that were involved in the accident.  Other important details include the other cars involved and descriptions such as make, model and color, and damage that was done to all vehicles involved.

Finally, when it comes to repairs, insurers generally pay for a portion or all of the vehicle repairs.  Your San Diego insurance agency will also have a list of trusted, pre-approved repair facilities.  Using one of these facilities instead of choosing your own will help you accelerate the claim process.

Have you recently been in an accident?  Were you not happy with the service or coverage of your provider?  Contact American Tri-Star Insurance today.  We are San Diego’s low cost auto insurance experts and are dedicated to providing our clients with the best coverage possible at affordable rates.

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