4 Accessories That Increase Your Auto Insurance Rates

Understanding Car Insurance Policy in San Diego, CA

If you’re a car owner, you may have considered adding certain aftermarket parts to your vehicle. However, when you’re saving for these auto accessories, it’s important to include increases in insurance rates in your calculations. Read on for four car accessories that auto insurance experts at Tristar Insurance San Diego suggest can inflate your insurance rates.

1. A GPS system or in-car navigation

While a GPS may be essential for locating a new destination, thieves often target vehicles that may have these navigation systems. Certain clues, including a built-in mapping screen on the dashboard, can make your car stand out to someone looking for a quick smash-and-grab burglary, which is why insurance agencies find insuring cars with these devices worrisome.

2. DVD players or systems

As with navigation devices, vehicle burglars frequently seek in-car entertainment systems. As many of these systems have added screens in the vehicle’s ceiling or in the back of the car’s seats, entertainment systems are easy for criminals to spot.

3. Alloy rims on tires

Rims can be an expensive addition to a vehicle, which makes cars with nice rims a bigger target for theft and therefore a bigger insurance risk for insurance agencies. Additionally, some agencies may also consider the fact that vehicles can sometimes handle differently with alloy rims and that accommodations made for new rims can elevate accident risk.

4. Satellite radio

While satellite radio may seem a terrific alternative to local radio broadcasting for those who are on the road frequently, adding this item to your vehicle can also raise your chance of break-ins. As radios are typically easier to remove from a car dashboard than navigation systems, this item is particularly risky to insure.

While adding a fancy accessory to your vehicle may have certain benefits, those purchases can also make paying for car insurance more expensive than it needs to be. Whether you want to insure a barebones vehicle or one with expensive aftermarket parts, American Tristar Insurance can help you find the best rate for car, motorhome, or motorbike insurance in San Diego. Give a friendly insurance expert a call at 619-272-2100 to see how much money you can save on your insurance.