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Affordable San Diego Car Insurance CoverageAre you seeking affordable auto insurance in San Diego? Get in-touch with the insurance professionals at American Tri-Star Insurance Services, Inc. We will gladly answer all of your questions, and help you find the most comprehensive and affordable insurance coverage available in San Diego. American Tri-Star Insurance is a proud member of the BBB, and we have been serving customers throughout the greater San Diego area for nearly a decade. Whether you need San Diego car insurance, home insurance, motorcycle insurance, commercial or business insurance, you can trust American Tri-Star for comprehensive insurance solutions. Our offices are conveniently located throughout the San Diego County. Our insurance agents speak multiple languages and have excellent customer service skills that enable them to listen to our clients’ needs and offer the best insurance coverage.

The Best Car Insurance American Tri-Star Has to Offer

Understanding how car insurance rates are determined and the differences in coverage will help you get the best policy at the right price. Understanding the coverage limits, deductibles, and monthly premiums is important when considering the best auto insurance coverage in San Diego. In fact, there are many factors that can affect policy premiums, such as:

  • Age of the driver
  • Gender of the driver
  • Whether the driver is single or married.
  • Student status
  • Education of the driver
  • Location (Some zip codes might have higher rates of accidents and auto theft than others)
  • Car make and model
  • Frequency of travel and distance covered when driving to and from work every day
  • Driving record (number of traffic violations and the type of violations can have a significant impact on the monthly insurance premiums)
  • Credit score of the insurance policyholder

Getting the Right Type of Auto Insurance Coverage

There are several options for insurance policies . Our experienced insurance agents are happy to explain how certain factors impact your premium and discuss your policy options including deductibles, optional coverage options, multiple policy discounts, multiple vehicles discounts and varying coverage levels.
If you have a poor driving record, undesirable traffic infractions, foreign license, or DUI, and you’re worried about obtaining affordable car insurance coverage in San Diego, we can help you.

Discover Savings with American Tri-Star Insurance

Affordable Auto Insurance Coverage in San DiegoNo one wants to pay more for insurance than they have to. At American Tri-Star Insurance, we work diligently on behalf of our customers to secure the best coverage possible at the lowest rate available.

Our expert insurance agents can help you maximize your savings on car insurance. Insurance rates tend to be cheaper when:

  • Drivers have a good safety record. Everyone loves safe drivers.
  • Drivers own a well-maintained car/motorcycle.
  • Drivers are working professionals.
  • The car contains a variety of safety features such as automated seatbelts and factory airbags.
  • The vehicle is equipped with antilock brakes and anti-theft devices.
  • The policyholder has opted for umbrella coverage such as combining auto insurance with health or motor home insurance.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage with American Tri-Star Insurance

Being a homeowner, it is essential for you to get the right coverage for your dwelling. By getting in touch with the insurance agents at American Tri-Star Insurance, you can work out a policy that will cover various emergencies and damages caused by natural disasters or accidents. Our home insurance policies cover everything from a plumbing default to the damage caused by a lightning storm. Get in touch with us, and protect your valuable property.

Combine Commercial & Business Insurance with American Tri-Star Insurance

Accidents and natural disasters can happen anywhere and to anyone. The insurance policies from American Tri-Star Insurance can help you protect your business and commercial needs. With commercial insurance, businesses can avoid a variety of financial disasters that range from physical damage on premises to costly lawsuits.. Many businesses also use their own transportation, and combining auto insurance with commercial and business insurance can maximize savings.

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