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Are you seeking affordable auto insurance in San Diego? Come see the insurance professionals at American Tri-Star Services, Inc. We will gladly answer all of your questions, and find you the most comprehensive and affordable insurance coverage available in San Diego. American Tri-Star is a proud member of the BBB, and we have been proudly serving customers throughout the greater San Diego area for nearly a decade.

Auto Insurance is Confusing – We Can Help

Understanding how auto insurance rates are determined and the differences in coverage will help you get the best policy for your lifestyle at the right price. In fact, there are many factors that can affect policy premiums, like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Student status
  • Location
  • Car make and model
  • Frequency and distance when driving
  • Driving record
  • Credit score

And, there are just as many policy options. Our experienced insurance agents are happy to explain how certain factors impact your premium and discuss your policy options including deductibles, optional coverage options, and varying coverage levels.

If you have a poor driving record, foreign license, or DUI and worry that will prevent you from obtaining affordable auto insurance coverage, we can help with that, too.

Discover Savings with American Tri-Star Auto Insurance

No one wants to pay more for auto insurance than they have to. At American Tri-Star Insurance we work diligently on behalf of our customers to secure the best coverage possible at the lowest rate available. Give us a call today at 619-272-2100 and see how much money you can save.